December 5, 2023

The 2020 Census data reports during that year, throughout Mexico, 7,255 babies – an average of 20 babies every day – were born to mothers aged 10-14.

Yes, aged 10-14. 

Since 2015, this represents an increase of 5% throughout the country, of which BCS ranks first with an increase of 290%.

Yes, 290% – the worst in Mexico right in our own back yard.

There are many contributing factors to this increase.  One obvious factor is the influx of families who are seeking employment – fueled by the extensive building expansion we are experiencing in Cabo.  This influx and lack of housing has led to the mass creation of “invasion settlements” that exist without running water, sewer systems, law enforcement or medical care.  Often children are left unattended as both parents must work to survive – there are no childcare centers or after school programs.

Two years ago, Sarahuaro recognized teen pregnancy as the most detrimental social issue in our magnificant Cabo resort community.  We started a very basic, age appropriate, family planning awareness program that has since reached over 3000 men, women, and children.  In addition to classroom and online training, our staff and medical personnel are available for one-on-one exchanges.  We partner with government agencies and other nonprofit foundations to maximize no or low-cost training and support.

These newly published 2020 census numbers reinforced our dedication to educating poverty-stricken children – those most vulnerable to this abuse.  At 10-14 years old, she probably does not even realize what is happening to her, no less consent to it.  Simple awareness education and a perceived adult presence can help save a child from this abuse and the lifetime consequences of teen pregnancy – consequences for the mother, the child, and our community.

As the primary Cabo-based nonprofit organization focusing on elevating impoverished women, Sarahuaro continues to make this one of their signature programs.  If you would like to be part of the solution to make our community better, they can use volunteers, hard copy printing support, advertising campaigns, and financial donations.

Visit our website to donate: www.sarahuaro.org

We can provide tax deductible receipts for Mexico, Canada, and the USA.

Or email president@sarahuaro.org for more information on the program and how you can help.

- , Sarahuaro Client