We Need Your Help.

As a not-for-profit operating in one of the most impoverished parts of the country, the needs are many and the sources of income are few.

The effectiveness of Sarahuaro programs depends almost exclusively on donors like you - people who learn about the plight of women and children of Los Cabos and who want to help. As you can imagine, even a little goes a long way and we are committed to keeping our administrative costs to a bare minimum so that every possible peso goes to the women and children.

Donate dollars, equipment, volunteer or visit.
Everything makes a difference.

There are many ways to help and we would welcome a visit so that you can see, first-hand, the difference your donation is making.
Some of our current needs include:

Wish List - Kitchen

• Chairs for Kitchen One (10) $21 each

• Knifes for Cooking (9) $22.50 each

• Office Drawer Cabinet $84

• 3 Industrial Ceiling Fan for Kitchen (3) $25

• Professional Chopping Board (5) $29 each

• Shelving for Kitchen at Nueva Creacion School $96

• A/C and Installment $300

• Industrial Coffee Maker (2) $30 each

• Microwave Oven $80

• Van for Staff and Food Transportation. New or Used

Please contact director@sarahuaro.org if you are interested in donating for these items.

Wish List - Women's Center

• Surgical Fabric Pellon For Masks 200 m. $275

• 10 Cones of Elastic For Masks 200 m. $20 Each

• Notebooks and school material for 50 Children $210

• Foamy Carpet for Preschool Classroom $60

• Ceiling Fan for Kids Classroom (2) $25

• Multifunction Printer Color $300

• Brother or Singer Sewing Machine (1) $110 Each (ONE DONATED)

• Industrial Coffee Maker $30.

• Microwave Oven $80

• A/C and Installment $300

• Protective Fencing Adjoining lot and kids area $1,000

• Van for Staff and Product Transportation to Markets and Points. New or Used.

Please contact director@sarahuaro.org if you are interested in donating for these items.

Volunteer Opportunities

We accept volunteers for a day, a week, a season.

Joining our team is easy, fun and rewarding.

Share your English knowledge or help:
• At the Organic Markets: Nov-May
• With sewing, knitting or crafting
• At a fundraising event
• Share your special talent

Please email director@sarahuaro.org to enjoy a positive, safe, and valuable experience. Many thanks for your support. We appreciate you!

It’s our job as local organizations to not forget where we’re from and help the local people by giving back.

- Justin Benham, Director, Wild Cabo Companies