Feed Children.
Educate Women.

Sarahuaro's goals are simple: Feed children in school so they will do better in school. Educate women to better their lives and the lives of their children.

It's a basic equation that ultimately equals an elevation of the entire community - everyone will benefit from the higher quality of life, improved health and greater financial stability. Invest now to change generations to come!


Feed Children.

La Cocina De Los Niños

The truth is hunger hurts. Hunger pains are real. A hungry child can't reach his full learning potential - young bodies and minds need food in order to focus in school. By feeding children in school, Sarahuaro invests in their potential to thrive despite poverty.

Educate Women

Centros De Desarrollo Para Mujers

The Sarahuaro Center for the Development of Women invests in women through education. We teach them to make strong, self-sufficient choices that will carry them and their children out of poverty. One of the most important choices a woman can make is that of family planning. When a woman gets pregnant too young, too old or too often, the results can be deadly - for her and her baby. Not only do these pregnancies jeopardize her health, they effect a woman's length of education, economic status and statistically subjects her to domestic violence. The first goal of our women's program is to provide safe, reliable access to tools and information that will allow them to plan and space their pregnancies. Education is essential for economic elevation and Sarahuaro provides skills training - skills that prepare women to support themselves and their families. The best opportunity for advancement in Los Cabos comes from speaking English. This skill opens the door to reliable, good paying jobs. Other opportunities are opened through hand-craft trade skill training. Sarahuaro provides this training and graduates are given the opportunity to join an Artisan Cooperative that sells their products throughout Los Cabos.

Help raise strong children, one mother at a time.
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Fundación Sarahuaro

If you know how to take advantage of all the work and emotional teachings here at Sarahuaro, you will have the tools as a woman to get ahead with your children.

- Sandra Perez, Sarahuaro Mother