Empowering Mothers.
Feeding Kids.

Sarahuaro’s goals are simple: support and empower mothers and you will automatically change the lives of their children. Feed children in school and they will do better in school.

It’s a basic equation that ultimately equals an elevation of the entire community - everyone will benefit from the higher quality of life, better education, improved health, and financial stability. Improve now and change generations to come!


Empowering Women

Centros De Desarrollo Para Mujeres

The Sarahuaro Center for the Development of Women is at the core of what we do: empower women to make strong, self-sufficient choices that will carry their children out of poverty. “The Center,” as it is known by women of the area, offers classes in offers classes in Human Development, Physical Well-being, speaking English, and Artisan and other Trade skills – skills that prepare women to support themselves and their families. It also provides secure childcare for children of all ages while their mothers learn.


Feeding Bodies and Minds

La Cocina De Los Niños

Young bodies and brains need adequate nutrition to learn and be successful. “The Children’s Kitchen” is a program that feeds children in school – food that will help them focus on their studies. Reaching two schools in Gastelum – an impoverished neighborhood just outside the Cabo San Lucas tourist area – thousands of meals are prepared and served each month by almost 200 volunteer mothers. Children in the program are monitored regularly by a trained nutritionist for improvements to their overall health as a result of the program.

Help raise strong children, one mother at a time.
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Fundación Sarahuaro

If you know how to take advantage of all the work and emotional teachings here at Sarahuaro, you will have the tools as a woman to get ahead with your children.

- Sandra Perez, Sarahuaro Mother