Sarahuaro. Our Story.

At the heart of Sarahuaro is the passionate belief that we can change not only the lives of mothers and their children, but of their children’s children.

What began as simple classes in life skills and artisanal work grew into a life-changing program for women impacted by poverty.

Sarahuaro signifies friendship and community. The saguaro cactus is an iconic feature of the Baja landscape, where the desert meets the sea. A cactus is able to support life and prosper in the midst of a challenging environment, much like the women who participate in Sarahuaro’s programs.

The 2013 addition of La Cocina De Los Niños (The Children’s Kitchen) program expanded our reach by feeding kids while they are in school. Hungry kids simply don’t do well in school.

Over the years, Sarahuaro programs have brought a new sense of self-worth to hundreds of women. Families, and thus the entire community, have benefited from the mothers’ heightened awareness of her own capabilities, preparation for meeting the extreme challenges of poverty, and exposure to opportunities never before recognized.
Sarahuaro has provided thousands of meals to children that would have otherwise gone hungry in school. We believe in the long-term effects of education and providing a meal is a simple way to help strengthen a child’s chances for a successful life.

Volunteer Measuring Child

Our Team

Maria del Carmen Sanchez Aguilar

Program Director

La Cocina De Los Niños (Kitchen)

Carmen has the responsibility of overseeing Sarahuaro’s Children’s Kitchen, feeding 350 children and leading a team of close to 20 volunteer mothers each and every school day. Carmen took over the program in 2015 after many years of experience in the hotel and restaurant industry where she received an award of distinction. She has lived in Los Cabos for more than 20 years and she says that feeding the children of Sarahuaro brings her a joy that is only rivalled by her experience as a mother to her own child.


Edith Vizcarra

Program Director

Centros De Desarrollo Para Mujeres (Center)

Edith is the passionate and energetic director of Sarahuaro’s Women’s Center - the training and educational program that has helped to lift more women and their families out of poverty. Edith has been involved in community service work for most of her life, volunteering with the Mexican Agency for Family Development and teaching English to children and adults in school programs. Edith has three children and she has lived in Los Cabos since 2015. She is a believer in the evolution of human consciousness and the ability of all people to rise up even in the most challenging of circumstances.


What has impressed me most about Sarahuaro is that I have realized that I am capable of doing so much more.

- Lucia Hernandez, Sarahuaro Mother

Board of Directors

Nancy Brelos

Chair - Donor Development Committee

A three-year resident of Los Cabos, Nancy spent most of her career in Rochester, New York. Prior to the most recent ten years engaged in the Geospatial Software Industry, Nancy held various General Management positions in the computer industry. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Business Administration from the State University of New York. While in Rochester, she participated on the Board of the local Sojourner House – a non-profit home for abused women and their children and was a significant financial contributor to that foundation. Now in retirement, Nancy wishes to bring her general management and non-profit organization experience to good use with Sarahuaro.

Our Friends

With heartfelt gratitude, we acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of these benefactors who provide critical assistance and sponsorship that furthers our work for the women and children of Los Cabos.