Mother Power.

Raising strong children, one mother at a time.

Families – often led by single women – live in extreme poverty, teen pregnancy numbers top worldwide rankings, women do not finish high school or learn job skills, and violence against women and children ranks among the highest anywhere. Their children are undernourished and often go hungry.

Since women are the main caretakers in the traditional Mexican family, changing a woman’s self-image and knowledge base will break the cycle of these culturally-ingrained patterns.

Your donation will support programs that will foster change and strike at the statistics. Your donation will feed their children.

Little Girl

1.5 million Mexican children suffer from chronic malnutrition and 2 million children under the age of 5 are anemic.

Your donation will serve a meal to school children – food that will not only improve their health, but will help them learn. Hungry kids don’t do well in school.

32% of women in Los Cabos suffer from some type of violence.

Your donation will connect abused women to life-saving support and teach them coping skills that will improve their lives.

Mexico has the highest teen birth rate in the world: 64.2/1000 births – and Los Cabos has the highest in Mexico!

Your donation will support training that will instill a sense of self-worth and show young women a better way.

Mexico is the world leader in sexual abuse, physical violence and homicide of children under 14 - all occurring within the family.

Your donation will bring a new child rearing perspective: adaptive and positive behavior training that will make life safer for hundreds of children.

More than 1/3 of Mexican women between the ages of 15 and 29 do not attend school or work.

Your donation will reach these young women and give them opportunities to learn life skills and workforce skills - like speaking English - an essential tool in the tourism economy.

Only 27% of them study until high school.

Your donation will provide women of the colonia with trade skills training. Their families and the entire community will benefit from the additional income women will bring to the home.

Without intervention, mothers will perpetuate these patterns by handing them down to their children and their children’s children.

You have to open that mind and yes we have another life also. We have to support them, you are not alone.

- Beatriz Gutierrez, Sarahuaro Counsellor