Special Recognition

April 14, 2020

In these difficult times, Sarahuaro offers a short distraction by focusing on the positive. We receive tremendous assistance from the business community, other foundations, private donors, government agencies… even strangers!  This newsletter is devoted to thanking some of our most significant and special occasion supporters – all of whom are making the world a better place for those less fortunate in Cabo.

It is with enormous gratitude that we recognize the support given to Sarahuaro by the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF.)  In addition to the LCCF annual grant awards, they sponsored the 2020 Gala Dinner which raised over $26,000 for us.  These funds will serve the women and children of the barrios – the neediest in the Los Cabos community.  We also thank Faryn Clark of Eclectic Array who tirelessly worked to make the gala a huge success.  Through her extensive network of colleagues, dozens of businesses donated equipment and personnel as well as raffle and auction items – all of which significantly contributed to the financial success of the event.  Sarahuaro thanks all these generous community sponsors – each are named in our FaceBook postings.

Since 2011, LCCF annual grants totaling over $250,000 have financed Sarahuaro children’s feeding programs which impact over 350 children each school day.  This year, LCCF expanded its support which has allowed us to reach almost 100 teens and women with family planning training.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Mexico has the second highest teen pregnancy rate of its member nations, and Los Cabos ranks among the highest in Mexico.  The INGI (Mexico National Statistics Institute) reports that in Mexico, for every day in 2017, two babies were born to mothers aged 10 and 11.  Our training aims to break this horrific trend.

The LCCF support also helped us maintain and expand our community garden which has fed numerous families and supplemented our children’s kitchen.  Additionally, this project engages women and children in nutritional training and the how-to of growing a home garden – the kids love this project!

LCCF serves over 40 local agencies – we are proud and grateful to be part of their family.  We could not ask for a better partner!

iQMETRIX – You rock!
This progressive, Canadian based company sponsors their employees in doing volunteer work all over the world.  Previously completely unknown to us and us to them, Sarahuaro was chosen as one of four Los Cabos charities to help this year.  Krystal Ho, a Principal of the company, scoped out a special project for our Potts Kitchen – a much needed and long overdue installation of a bathroom for our 172 volunteer ladies.  An early start of the day began with 14 volunteers stirring cement for the formation of the walls, and, six hours later, ended with the installation of plumbing fixtures.   Not only did the iQmetrix team pay for the materials and physically build the bathroom, that same day 18 others helped set up, cook, serve, and clean for the 350 meals served to the school kids, while another 10 planted, harvested and weeded in the community garden.  They didn’t stop there.  They took it a step further by donating four sewing machines, four irons and two ironing boards – tools that will help our trade skill students better perform their work.  Thank you, iQmetrix, for the generosity you showed us and the difference you made in the Los Cabos community.


You may recall this group from last year – the employee charity arm of a major Canadian organization that built our community garden.  They too travel globally doing community give-back projects.  For the first time ever, this group voted to return to the same place – Sarahuaro.  This year, they donated a container module to house our Women’s Center childcare. The project includes its installation, insulation, air conditioning, painting, furniture and educational toys.  Watch for more about this project whose completion is targeted for the end of April.

COCINA DE KENDRICK – Reaching more kids!
February introduced the children’s meal program to an additional elementary school in Gastelum.  Through the generosity of three families, the Burgess’s, Peckham’s and Runde’s, we can feed more impoverished children of the barrios. They built and completely equipped a new kitchen – contributing over US$85,000 to the project.

COCINA DE POTTS – It all started here…
In January our first kitchen was dedicated to the man who single handedly resurrected the La Cocina De Los Ninos, the late Erwin Potts. His wife Silvia continues his legacy. Our deepest appreciation goes to the Potts’ Friends and Family group whose repeated annual contributions are nothing short of amazing.  Simple thanks are not enough.  Cocina de Potts serves almost 300 children every school day.

We send a special thank you to the Benjamin Family which donated a huge industrial refrigerator for the Potts’ kitchen, a high-end laptop for our Executive Director, a sewing machine and boxes of new clothing and miscellaneous toiletries.  They are forming a coalition of their friends, neighbors, corporate sponsors and colleagues to financially support our cause. We will be seeing much more of our Canadian friends!

TOURISTS – Complete strangers!
Not a week goes by without a request from area visitors who are interested in volunteering – taking time from their vacation in paradise to give back.  Almost always, their hands-on participation is accompanied by a generous financial donation.  Thanks to all of you from every part of the globe!

Monarca Canada Foundation is an officially recognized Canadian charitable foundation dedicated to assisting needy families in Cabo.   Managed completely by volunteers, Monarca Canada provides donors with tax receipts for eligible donations and passes 100% of the money through to the charity.  Thank you, Monarca, for providing a fee-free process for receiving Canadian donations – you have saved us thousands over the years!

VOLUNTEERS – Many helping hands!
Special recognition goes to all of our several hundred volunteers, but especially to one in particular; Adrienne Kenlan, who has been giving her time to conduct English classes at our Women’s Center almost weekly for over a year.   Adrienne, you have truly made a difference in the lives of these women.

Thanks everyone for the support!

- , Sarahuaro Client