New Kitchen!

September 12, 2019

Gringos Giving Back!

BY FRED RUNDE (Los Cabo Gringo Gazette, August 19, 2019)

During spring break my wife, myself and two other couples (all of us from the Midwest)  who are dear friends, were in Cabo for Easter vacation enjoying our beautiful Cabo properties. We heard through our property manager of the school, Nueva Creacion, near the Cabo airport, was in dire need of a cafeteria. Unbeknownst to us, only some of the public schools have free cafeterias. The ones that do have free cafeterias are staffed by volunteer parents of the students and the wonderful folks from Sarahuaro Charity Group supply the food and manage the volunteer staff. The schools lucky enough to have a cafeteria serve the students a hot meal every day through this amazing charity.

These schools served by Sarahuaro Charity are in the poorest of Cabo’s neighborhoods. One trip out to the school was all it took to convince us we needed to build a cafeteria! As luck would have it, one of our property managers is also an architect/builder. His name is Alex Uribe. In a week’s time, Alex had the cafeteria designed and concrete footings in the ground! Over the next 3 and half months the project was finished, complete with bathrooms, cooking area, a large dining area, and in-ground pila for water supply. They even constructed the tables and benches in the dining area from concrete and polished them smooth. We had already ordered new kitchen equipment, and it arrived just in time.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was July 4. We never imagined the show of gratitude they presented to us that day. It was then that we realized how many lives our project would touch. This kitchen will feed more than 200 children age 6 to 11 each day. The school operates two shifts morning and afternoon because it’s too small for all the students to attend at one time. We invite fellow gringos to give back to the Cabo community in any way or amount you can.

To donate directly to Sarahuaro, contact; Adriana Vellanoweth, director@sarahuaro.org 624 122 0589

Kitchen Volunteers

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