More than food

October 17, 2019

Children’s nutritional evaluation is a constant activity at La Cocina de Potts.
Young bodies and minds need adequate nutrition to learn and be successful and at Sarahuaro we are working hard on that purpose in our “Children’s Kitchen Program” where we provide a healthy meal every school day to more than 300 children of Cabo San Lucas.

Our nutritionist works with our Chef and the Kitchen Director to aid in the overall health of children every school day.

We have also developed a special Personal Hygiene teaching program with our Sarahuaro Children. To add the fun factor and the sense of responsibility to this activity, we delivered to each one of the kids a “cleansing kit” which includes soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, gel and their own personal glass and towel; our teachers show them how to perform a correct routine hygiene every morning.

Children learn to brush their teeth

They have an opportunity to support each other regardless of what their backgrounds are. They come together unified and become better for themselves and their families.

- Faryn Clark, Sarahuaro Board Member