Erwin Potts Memorial Kitchen

May 9, 2019

In respect and admiration for the work Erwin did with the Gastelum Children’s Kitchen, Sarahuaro is proudly dedicating the kitchen to his memory. We invite you to participate in the dedication ceremony on January 8, 2020.

To preserve his legacy as the children’s feeding program grows beyond this first kitchen, we have developed a “Friends of Potts” program. The program will assist Silvia as she continues Erwin’s work by providing quarterly communications:

  • Number of children fed
  • Number of meals delivered
  • Cost per meal
  • Number of Volunteer Hours dedicated to the feeding program
  • Total feeding program Operating Expenses
  • Donations originating from “Friends of Potts”
  • Nutrition Classes held at the kitchens
  • Health updates on children we are monitoring at the kitchen

We continue to be amazed at the work Silvia does and are moved by her involvement. Just look at these pictures of her birthday party at the kitchen!  Not only did the kitchen receive many needed items, the party resulted in the beginning of a children’s library which includes Erwin’s computer. Truly amazing…

We hope you join us in this special dedication program as we create the legacy of the Potts Kitchen.

They have an opportunity to support each other regardless of what their backgrounds are. They come together unified and become better for themselves and their families.

- Faryn Clark, Sarahuaro Board Member