Desperate Times

April 22, 2020

These are difficult times.  To those we reach through this letter, concerns lie in decontaminating food that is delivered to our homes, reduction in income from business closings, the fall of stock market value and simply staying home.  To those we reach through our programs, concerns lie in no food, no income, and living with several – often seven or eight – family members in a one room home the size of most bedrooms. And they are the lucky ones – many live in makeshift housing with no running water or electricity.

With the extension of school closings and business shutdowns, we are very concerned about the health and welfare of our beneficiaries, especially the 400 children we serve.  We considered sponsoring a food drive within the community and then distributing proceeds to our families, but we have been advised this would be dangerous.   Instead, we have joined a coalition that has the resources to purchase and distribute food to our beneficiaries – safely.  We ask for your financial assistance to support this project.

All donations made between now and April 30th will go directly to this project.
In order to expedite this project, donations must go through a direct wire transfer to our bank account or to our PayPal credit account.  Unfortunately, neither option offers a tax receipt to non-Mexican donors.  (Our U.S. and Canadian tax receipt partners have relatively lengthy processes for passing through the funds to us – a required process to ensure the tax deductibility status.)
Reaching our accounts:

  • www.sarahuaro.org
  • Scroll down to the section entitled: Get Involved
  • Click on the red DONATE NOW box
  • Complete your contact information and donation amount
  • Choose MEXICO on the drop-down menu under Tax Receipt
  • Check the “I’m not a Robot” box
  • Click on “Submit” in the red box
  • You will be sent to the “Donations Methods – Mexico” page

WIRE TRANSFER OPTIONS: instructions for donating directly to our bank account.


  • Click on the red DONATE NOW box under PayPal.
  • This will bring you to the PayPal website.   You can charge an amount to your Mexican credit card or to your PayPal account.
  • Please join us in our efforts to help these people who are already living in a bad situation – it has now become desperate for them.

Please join us in our efforts to help these people who are already living in a bad situation – it has now become desperate for them.

They have an opportunity to support each other regardless of what their backgrounds are. They come together unified and become better for themselves and their families.

- Faryn Clark, Sarahuaro Board Member