Community Impact. The Sarahuaro Way…

May 15, 2019


It is nothing short of amazing what can happen when a community comes together to help those less fortunate. We at Sarahuaro see it every day, but the experience of two events in April brought it to an entirely new level for us. Our feature articles explain the events’ details, but no words can reflect the emotion experienced by those involved.

It was humbling to watch a group of volunteers – perfect strangers – tackle an undertaking like planting a huge community garden. Energy and enthusiasm infused the entire campus! Their efforts will provide fresh produce to dozens of children – many of whom have never even seen a garden and most don’t get fruits and vegetables at all.

And the Race! The excitement felt by everyone in the crowd was truly unique. These women who have barely ventured out of the barrio, and with no previous exercise involvement, were able to run a 3k race held in the middle of San Lucas with hundreds looking on. To witness the expressions of pride, satisfaction, and probably for the first time, self-esteem, was a once in a lifetime occurrence.

You can be assured your donations are truly making a difference in the lives of these women and their children – you are changing Los Cabos for generations.

We appreciate your generosity and want to show we go beyond the emotion and dig deep into the financial realities as well. Visit our Financial Impact section to review our Key Performance Indicators.

We are proud to display our program effectiveness.



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