Changing Lives

April 7, 2019

A mere five months ago our local Los Cabos Iron Women took 15 Sarahuaro mothers under their wings and transformed their lives. These 15 mothers, women who had never formally exercised, owned a new pair of sneakers or knew the value of healthy food, took on a major life challenge – to run a 3k or 5k race!

The Iron Women created a healthy lifestyle program and taught the mothers how to exercise safely. Week after week, on their own time, they trained, encouraged and motivated the mothers to change their way of life.

At 7:30 am on Race Day, April 7, the Cabo San Lucas Marina was filled with friends and families who came out to support the mothers. A combination of nerves and eagerness could be felt in the air! Off they went, and one-by-one, each of the 15 made it over the finish line. The pride, the sense of accomplishment, the gratification displayed on their faces was truly amazing. Tears of joy draped us all. These brave women showed their children that ANYTHING is possible.

Thanks to several community sponsors, the women have a new view of life. Special recognition goes to Eclectic Array, Sano Plate, Mailboxes Cabo, Koral Desk, Designed Life, Pepitas Magic of the Moom and RedRum Sportsfishing for their support.

Sarahuaro’s goals are simple: support and empower mothers and you will automatically change the lives of their children. Once again, on task.

Read what the mothers are saying:
When I arrived at the finish line and Pamela told me,” of all the Sarahuaro women, you are the second to arrive”, I could not believe it. I started crying and could not stop because a lot of people had told me that I was not going to make it, that’s why when she told me this, I simply could not believe it. I did it! The mere fact of crossing the finish line was a great achievement for me. So for me now is continue with this effort, keep on eating good food, because now I want to participate and run the 5 km race”.   XIOMARA SALMERON

“People would tell me, and YOU are going to run 3 km, and are you going to be able to endure it? And I would tell them, at least I’m going to make the attempt to do it and, yes, I did, I finished the race! The important thing for me was that I took this challenge, with fear, with uncertainty, yes, sometimes we put the obstacles to ourselves, but for me to cross the finish line was very rewarding. I proved to myself that I am capable of whatever I want to achieve, I arrived with my effort and with the support of my teammates”. MARÍA DEL CARMEN BECERRA

“I want to thank you all because you help me achieve one of my dreams. I always saw the runners on TV and I wanted to run like them, it was my dream. My children made some posters to cheer me up and I was very touched by this. I would like them to follow this too because I learned how to eat and exercise and I would like the same for them. I want to continue preparing for a future race”. CARMELITA VÁZQUEZ

- , Sarahuaro Client