A Sarahuaro Success Story

January 20, 2019

No further than a 10-minute drive from some of the wealthiest resorts and neighbourhoods of Cabo San Lucas, sits Leonardo Gastelum 5th Stage “colonia.” This neighbourhood is one of the most impoverished in Cabo San Lucas and, like many other “colonias”, is where violence and human neglect thrive. Simply put – there is little money, little education,  little food and little law enforcement.

This is Leonardo and his mother Yarelyn Cristal. She takes care of the home while his father works as a carpenter. Since birth, Leonardo has been very sickly and now at 11 years old, he still suffers from bronchial asthma, a chronic respiratory disease resulting in seizures, difficulty breathing and coughing. But Leonardo finds comfort in his family – his most cherished story is how his parents fell in love!

Despite the love that surrounds him, it is difficult for him to live without fear of violence and the threat of starvation. As the 3rd generation raised in the “colonia” of Gastelum, Leonardo wants nothing more than to get an education and help bring his family out of poverty. It is Leonardo’s dream to be the first in his family to go to University.

Now, every school day, he has a full meal through the Sarahuaro Kitchen program, so is able to concentrate more and is excelling in his studies. His favourite subject is Natural Sciences and he hopes to study Criminology someday. Sarahuaro has also educated (Yarelyn) Cristal. She has learned nutrition, healthy cooking and how to make sustainable meals for her family. With the improvement in their eating habits, Leonardo’s health is improving.

Leonardo`s community is learning too. With education through Sarahuaro, Cristal teaches other women in her neighbourhood how to shop for and cook nutritious meals. She may not be aware of it, but she is changing generations to come!

With help from generous donations that keep the Sarahuaro Foundation operating, lives are being improved every day – the world is being changed!

Leonardo and Yarelyn Cristal

- , Sarahuaro Client