What We Do

What we do simplified:

  • Teach women life and workforce skills.
  • Provide educational child care while moms learn.
  • Feed more than 350 elementary school aged children nutritious meals every school day.

our mission

The mission of Sarahuaro’s Women’s Center: is a nonprofit educational organization delivering life-skills and workforce training to empower impoverished women of Los Cabos.

The mission of Sarahuaro’s Children’s Kitchen is a nonprofit healthfood kitchen providing nutritious meals to elevate the lives of children living in challenging areas of Cabo San Lucas.

empower women

Centros De Desarrollo Para Mujeres (CDM)

Sarahuaro’s Center for the Development of Women (CDM) offers a variety of educational opportunities for women from Los Cabos most impoverished colonias. Courses and training are typically organized into 3-month modules with subjects including; basic life skills, language, literacy, and job training.

After over a decade of working in this community, we have implemented clear procedures for organizing the activities for women as well as the children who accompany them to CDM. Children attend classes and activities according to their age while their mothers are in session. Our team is enriched by teachers, psychologists, and volunteers who support the daily operations of the center.

feed children


La Cocina De Los Niños

La Cocina De Los Niños (Children’s Kitchen) is based in Leonardo Gastelum, a colonia just a few miles outside of Cabo San Lucas. The program provides healthy meals to well over 350 kids each day during the school year. It is operated through the generous support of more than 100 volunteer moms, many of whom are active in Sarahuaro’s Women’s Development Center (Centros De Desarrollo Para Mujeres CDM) program.

La Cocina arose from a concern voiced by Sarahuaro women around lack of healthy food for their families. Beyond making critical meals for students, La Cocina provides nutrition and cooking training that the mothers can bring to their families and homes.

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At Sarahuaro, we want to show you the ‘real’ Mexico, beyond the shroud of tourism.

Our community has many distinct socioeconomic challenges, and for those lucky enough to work in the tourism industry, the average wage is about $5US per day.

Beyond all the challenges our community faces, you will discover friendly, happy, loving people who make Cabo a wonderful place to be.

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2018: Feeding over 350 Elementary School Aged Children

… you help make it happen

2012 = 117

meals daily

2013 = 184

meals daily

2014 = 200

meals daily

2015 = 245

meals daily

2016 = 270

meals daily

Healthy Families = Healthy Community

We have so much to do, come join us!