Sharing A Sarahuaro Success Story: Lupita Avila

“At the beginning, I was uncomfortable, because I didn’t know anybody, but now I know my classmates, and I realize we are all the same and we have many things a like, and now I am learning something different than what is my normal life. So I came to Sarahuaro to meet people, to learn something different.

This has been very helpful for me. 

I was always sad, I could not talk before, my children are grown and, I was alone, and I did not smile. I learned here, that I can talk and be happy.  I learned to smile, also I am learning English, and crochet.  I promised to crochet some bags for my daughters. I want to learn more, because there are things I cannot do, like using the sewing machine.  I am afraid of the sewing machine.  I want to learn more English, and how to use a computer, I was the first to say that i will attend class, when we were told about the classes and the computers.”

With your donation, we can help more women like Lupita by giving them a safe place to come and learn new skills, be part of a strong community of women, and find opportunities for their future!