Thank YOU!

235 Backpacks Donated and 235 Kids Ready For This School Year!

Thank you to everyone that helped us reach our goal of providing 235 backpacks and supplies for our elementary school children aged 6 to 12. The positive response from the community and local foundations was overwhelming.

We, at Sarahuaro, would like to thank everyone involved who donated time, money, and supplies. Without your generosity and support, none of this could have been achieved. Sarahuaro would like to give a special thank you to The Letty Coppel Foundation and the Bomberos de Cabo San Lucas for their very generous gift.

So many in the community came together to support the needs of the children and giving them the confidence and materials to begin the 2015/16 school year.

Sharing A Sarahuaro Success Story: Lupita Avila

“At the beginning, I was uncomfortable, because I didn’t know anybody, but now I know my classmates, and I realize we are all the same and we have many things a like, and now I am learning something different than what is my normal life. So I came to Sarahuaro to meet people, to learn something different.

This has been very helpful for me. 

I was always sad, I could not talk before, my children are grown and, I was alone, and I did not smile. I learned here, that I can talk and be happy.  I learned to smile, also I am learning English, and crochet.  I promised to crochet some bags for my daughters. I want to learn more, because there are things I cannot do, like using the sewing machine.  I am afraid of the sewing machine.  I want to learn more English, and how to use a computer, I was the first to say that i will attend class, when we were told about the classes and the computers.”

With your donation, we can help more women like Lupita by giving them a safe place to come and learn new skills, be part of a strong community of women, and find opportunities for their future!


La Cocina De Los Niños

The Children’s Kitchen is operated through the generous support of more than 100 volunteer moms, many of whom are active in Sarahuaro’s CDM program.
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